【Suo Oshima】Katazoe beach Seaside Park.


Hi. My name is 「Pu(ぷぅ)」.
This time, I will introduce 「katazoe beach Seaside Park」 in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
There is called Hawaii in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

It is crowded with a lot of tourists in summer.

Where is it?

The katazoe beach Seaside Park is located in the Oaza hirano katazoe, suo Oshima-cho, Oshima-gun, Yamaguchi Prefecture.
Suo Oshima-cho is located at the southeastern in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
It consists of Suo Oshima(Yashiro Island), which floats to the west of the Seto Inland Sea, and five manned islands and 25 uninhabited islands around it.
The population is about two million.
It is called the Hawaii of Yamaguchi because it has a sister city alliance with Kauai in the United States.

It is also called「Banana Beach」from the shape of the sandy beach.

If I shoot more from the top, it might look like a banana.
Unfortunately I don’t have a drone.

We have four distinct seasons in Japan.
I went here in the beginning of July.
there were few people, Because it was not summer vacation yet.

Let’s camp here.

Katazoe Beach Seaside Park has an auto camp site.
This is the entrance.

There are eight cottages for four people, and three for six.
This is a four-person cottage.

Inside the room is like this.
When you sleep, you sleep on the floor or on the tatami.

Most of the cookware is available.

There’s a deck outside.
The view from there is like this.

If the weather is nice, you can view the Seto Inland Sea.

There is a power site(All 40 Sites) and a free site(All 46 Sites) besides the cottage.
Each one has a parking space.
The campsite is like this.

The amount is expressed in Japan yen.

The site of this facility is here.
Summer vacation is full of reservations.
I recommend an early reservation.

Nearby facilities.

Road Station Sazanset-touwa.
This is a rest facility called the Road station.
The products of Suo Oshima are also sold.You can eat here.

SHINGU Island(真宮島).
This island is on the back of the road station.
The road to the island disappears when it is tide.
It’s a mysterious way to connect the island to the island.

At the end.

This is also near the US military base in Iwakuni, and many American people come here.
Enjoy a family camp in a beautiful sea.

Sorry for poor English.
I’ll study a little bit.

いいね ! しよう




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