Sometimes surrounded by nature and want to relax.
This time I introduce Kurusonzan-Shuzenji(狗留孫山・修禅寺) in Shimonoseki-shi.
Here you can get to the foot by car.
It is about 20 minutes from the foot.
It is also recommended to go to cool on hot summer days.

Where is it?

Kurusonzan-Shuzenji is located in Toyota-cho, Shimonoseki-shi, Yamaguchi pref.
The history of the temple is old, and the founder of a temple is the year 807 AD.
The vast precincts are designated as the scenic spot of the country, and it is also part of the Toyota prefectural natural park.

Many worshipers crowd that Kurusonzan-Shuzenji are holidays.

The way to the Kurusonzan-Shuzenji.

Climb by foot on the parking lot at the foot.

This is the entrance to the Kurusonzan(狗留孫山).

A steep staircase follows.
Old cedar trees and lucid leaf forests are thickly lumping along the approach path.

The Kurusonzan is famous for its natural deer.
It would be nice to take a bell.

There are also many elderly people worshipers, so there are places to take a break.

This is the entrance to the Shuzenji(修禅寺).

This is the main temple.
Shuzenji which stands at the mountain of faith, 616 m, is an old temple of Shingon sect(真言宗) known as a sacred place in the West.

You can see the lights in Kyushu on the clear air and Kitakyushu Airport at night.
It is healed when being surrounded by nature in a quiet atmosphere.

This cedar is said to be “Ipponsugi(一本杉)”, which is a large tree with an estimated tree age of about 1, 200 years, a breast height diameter of 3.2 m, and a tree height of 50 m.
This is Shimonoseki-shi Natural Monument.

As we climb Shuzenji further, we get to the top of the mountain.
From the summit of the mountain (616 M) you can see from the Sea of Japan to the Kunisaki peninsula.

It will be the last.

Shuzenji is not only old-history but also blessed with many nature.
You can take a break while drinking tea in the main temple.
And there is also a meal at the foot of the Kurusonzan.
Please go to the Kurusonzan-Shuzenji at holiday time.

いいね ! しよう




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