【Shimonoseki】Sacred places of the Toyoura Mountains,Gezan.


There are many sacred places in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
This time I will introduce the sacred place of Shimonoseki-shi.
Gezan(華山) is the highest mountain of the Toyoura Mountain Range and has long been counted as a sacred mountain of Nagato’s country.

Where is it?

Gezan is a mountain of 713.3m above sea level in Shimonoseki-shi in the western part of Yamaguchi prefecture.
The view from the mountaintop is a scenic spot overlooking the Sea of ​​Japan, Genkai Nada and Seto Inland Sea.

Azalea etc. are beautiful in spring, and it is a sightseeing spot.
It is also a starting point for hang gliders.

This is a picture taken at the starting point of the hang glider.

Caution:It is impossible for anyone other than stakeholders to enter here.

Nearby information.

At the foot of the Gezan there is Tokunen Waterfall(徳仙の滝).
Tokunen Waterfall is located in Jinjyo temple(神上寺) called Koyasan in the west.
Adress is Era,Toyota-cho, Shimonoseki-shi, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

The surroundings of the waterfall exceeding 10 meters in height are covered with trees and are quiet atmosphere.

Water is cold and transparent, perfect for hot season.

A word at the end.

You can go to Gezan by car.
However, please be careful in driving as the road is narrow.
Shimonoseki-shi has many swimming beaches so it is good to visit in the summer.
Please also eat seafood so fresh.

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