【Nagato】Myokenzan Observatory Park.


Today will introduce the Myokenzan Observatory Park(妙見山展望公園).
This is a scenic spot on the beaten path.
It’s near the Ryugu no shiofuki(竜宮の潮吹).
I would like you to stop by Myokenzan Observatory Park(妙見山展望公園).

Where is it?

Myokenzan Observatory Park(妙見山展望公園) is in Nagato-shi, Yamaguchi Prefecture.
Ushirobata Yuya, Nagato-shi, Yamaguchi 759-4713.

About the Ryugu no shiofuki(竜宮の潮吹) from this site.

【Nagato】Motonosumi-Inarijinjya of Nagato-shi.


The top of the park overlooks Yuya Bay and the Sea of Japan.

There’s also a telescope at the top.
The park is idyllic and there are few people on weekdays.
Sometimes there are people who are playing with dogs or walking.
It is recommended when you want to relax.

Site is here.
ながと観光なび ななび

At the conclusion

There are many attractions in Yuya.
The nature is abundant, and it crowds with the beach in summer.
Watching the sunset is the best.

いいね ! しよう




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