【Hikari】Cobalt Line of Hikari-shi.


Yamaguchi Prefecture is facing the sea, so there are many scenic points.
Each place has its own characteristics.

Yamaguchi Prefecture is a place rich in nature.
Please by all means come.

Cobalt Line(コバルトライン) of Hikari-shi.

This time, we introduce the cobalt line(コバルトライン) in Hikari-shi, Yamaguchi Prefecture.
The Hikari-shi is located in the southeastern part of Yamaguchi Prefecture.
The Murozumi coast(室積海岸) and the Nijigahama coast(虹ヶ浜海岸) are one of the best beaches in the prefecture.

The Cobalt line(コバルトライン) is ideal for drive and has a scenic observatory.
Traverse OmineMountains(大峯山) from SenboMountains(千坊山).

This road is 15 km drive and hiking trails.
The narrow road continues to the observatory.

This is the Haginohira(萩の平) observatory.
It’s in the middle of the cobalt line.
You can view the Seto Inland National Park from here.


Nearby facilities

There is a Kanmuriyama General Park(冠山総合公園) at the entrance to this cobalt line.
Kanmuriyama Park
Here you can see a lot of flowers and trees in every season.
There is also a stylish restaurant in the park.
It is recommended to go to the observatory from seeing here.

In summary…

You can enjoy the leisure of the sea in the Hikari-shi.
What if try to drive to after enjoying the marine sports.

いいね ! しよう




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