【Hagi】The castle ruins of Hagi-shi.Shizuki Park.


Hagi-shi is located in the northern part of Yamaguchi Prefecture, facing the Sea of Japan.
Hagi-shi was the driving force behind the Meiji Restoration.

The Meiji Restoration was the recovery of the Imperial prerogatives in the late 19th century which brought feudalisim and the shogunate sysytem to an end.
With it, began the modernization and industrialization of Japan.

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Where is it?

This is next to the Kikugahama beach.
The address is 1-1, Horiuchi, Hagi, Yamaguchi.

Keicho 9 years (1604) Mori Terumoto(毛利輝元) is constructed.
It was called Shizuki Castle(指月城).
A part of the main building of a castle was Shigetsu Park(指月公園).
There are Shizukiyama shrines(志都岐山神社) and Hananoe tea ceremony room(花江茶亭) in the castle region.

It is famous as a cherry blossom attraction.

The view from the castle tower trace is the best.

This is a flower called Midori Yoshino(ミドリヨシノ).
Midori Yoshino(ミドリヨシノ) is a valuable cherry tree that can not be seen only in Hagi in Japan.
Flowering time / March mid-late.

This is the site of Hagi-shi.
Shizuki Park(指月公園).

At the conclusion.

Shizuki Park(指月公園) is the best place for the cherry blossom viewing(花見:hanami).
cherry blossom viewing picnic party in April.
We stroll or have a picnic under the cherry trees.
“Yozakura(夜桜)” means night time cherry blossom viewing. It’s a must see.
Unfortunately, we can enjoy the blossoms only for a short period of time.
It’ll be great if you can come for cherry blossom viewing.

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