【Hagi】The amazingness of nature,Susa Hornfels.


Susa of Hagi-shi has a place where you can feel the history of the earth.
It is Susa Hornfels(須佐ホルンフェルス).
Susa Bay is crowded with sea bathers in the summer, but there are valuable hornfels geologically, so please visit.

Where is it?

Susa Hornfels is one of the landscapes representing the North Nagato-National Park(北長門国定公園), which is a striped fault of about 15 m high along the coast of Susa Bay.
Hornfels is a type of metamorphic rock, Susa Hornfels is what was born 14 million years ago.
It is precious geologically, and in 2007 this place was chosen as “Japan’s top 100 geological selections”.

Susa Hornfels is on Susa Koyama North Coast of Hagi-shi.

There are 2 parking lots (about 50 cars) near the entrance, and there is Susa Hornfels at about 10 minutes on foot from there.
Because You walk along the coast, You can feel the magnificence of nature.

Although it is possible to get off the fault from the coast, I think that it is good for women to wear shoes that do not slip, not heels, because the feet are dangerous.
There is no fence, so please pay close attention to safety.

A word at the end.

There is a Koyama mountain(高山) with an altitude of 532.8 m nearby.
From the observation deck of the summit you can see Susa Bay, Nagato-shi oomijima, Shimane prefecture Masuda-shi Iwami Airport.
Please also visit when you go to Susa Hornfels.

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