【Hagi】The cat temple of Hagi-shi, Unrin-ji Temple.


Recently,Hagi-shi is surging the cat boom.
Today I will introduce the Unrin-ji Temple(雲林寺) in Hagi-shi,which is Popular boiling in cat lovers.

About the Unrin-ji Temple(雲林寺).

Yunlin Temple is about 30 minutes by car from the city center of Hagi-shi.
It is just halfway between Hagi-shi and Tsuwano-cho.
The address of Unrin-ji Temple is 2489 Kibekami, Hagi-shi.

There was a legend that Unrin-ji Temple began to be called cat temples.
Terumoto Mori(毛利輝元) dies in Kanei 2 years (1625).
Mori Terumoto is the man who created the Choshu domain(長州藩).
Motofusa Nagai(長井元房) who knew about Terumoto’s death will follow and dies.
Motofusa had a cat who kept it.
The cat did not move out of the grave, because of sorrow.
And the cat died in front of the grave.

From this story the Unrin-ji Temple is now called a cat temple.

Cat full of.

Unrin-ji Temple is full of fun.

A cat will meet you from the entrance.
There are a lot of cat’s ema(絵馬).

Ema is a votive picture tablet which we offer to a shrine or temple when we pray for something of after our prayers are answered.
The tablet sometimes gears a picture of a horse from the fact that people once dedicated a living horse.


Full of fun ideas!

Unrin-ji Temple is full of ideas to entertain people who visit.

There is a Cartoon that wrote about cloud forest.In addition,like a classroom newspaper “Unrin-ji shinbun”,A book in which questions and questions of the Unrin-ji are summarized,a brochure named “To get hooked on a cat”.
When you read these, you will understand the personality of chief priest in the Unrin-ji Temple.

There are lots of goods such as amulets, bells, eco bags, stickers, etc.

A cat lover comes from foreign countries.

In addition, there are many wood carving cats.

Sleeping cat,Flying cat,Cats that can congeniality divination,a cat’s object,etc.

This headgear attracted attention in overseas events.
Foreign people who saw information on facebook are also visiting Unrin-ji Temple.

To the end.

The cat temple of Hagi-shi, Unrin-ji Temple.
There are lots of wood carving cats, but there are also several real cats.
You can meet a cat if you are lucky.
It is a place with many snow, please visit in warm time.

いいね ! しよう




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